Launching Open Space Technology facilitation

Subject: Launch of Open Space Workshop Facilitation Service

I am writing to update you on my Open Space Technology Facilitation Service that other organizations use very successfully in running meetings. I am relaunching, following a break in which I completed my psychology PhD and am now able to engage with a few exclusive clients over the coming months.

As you may know Open Space Technology workshops have their origins in the 1980’s, pioneered by Harrison Owen, who discovered that a less structured, free flowing approach to group meetings, greatly exceeded the traditional, top-down agenda, formal corporate meeting. The Open Space format was in such demand that the tools to run these meetings were packaged as Open Source Technology.

These workshops are useful in a wide range of contexts. For example, they can be used for early exploration of a new theme or topic by a multi-disciplined group for early design, innovation, or generating grant proposals. The group size can typically vary between 20 and 10 people, and the minimum workshop length is typically a day but can exceed this. Costs include room booking, some administration, facilitator fees, some materials and importantly the cost of participants travelling and attending the workshop.

The success of Open Space meetings relies on good planning and an experienced and independent facilitator can be useful to guide the group through the planning and the workshop. I have over 25 years of workshop facilitation within the Silicon Valley, computer businesses, I also have run a successful consultancy of workshop facilitation over the past ten years, with many satisfied, repeat customer.

If you think that running such a workshop could be useful for your organization, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would recommend starting with a no obligation, free conversation in which we start to explore if there is a good match between your requirements and what Open Space Technology can offer.

Kind regards,

Steve Hinde

Dr Stephen J. Hinde


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