Dr Stephen J. Hinde

Renaissance thinker, innovation consultant, polymath, and researcher. He has been running Open Space Technology and other styles of group workshop for over twenty years. His CV includes academic achievements, a successful industry career, open space technology facilitator, scientist, psychologist, technologist, Buddhist practitioner and teacher.

With an early career in computer systems research and development with top silicon valley companies, as architect and inventor , he holds a number of patents. In parallel, he has invested in a diverse set of academic studies. Now holding degree level qualifications in physics, maths, astronomy and psychology. Also with master degrees in psychology, Sanskrit, and Buddhist studies. Plus a PhD in psychology, with a dissertation on how our attention is governed by film media. In his spare time he practices meditation, helping to run a Buddhist group, helps teach a martial arts class (Brazilian Jiujitsu), he also likes to travel, and has a love of the outdoors, skiing, hiking and climbing.


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