Alchemical Tours #2 – Breaking Convention 2019

rCo-host Conor Bannister interviews me on my recent visit to Breaking Convention 2019  held 16th August 2019 at the University of Greenwich. Having returned from this intense 3 days at the largest European conference on psychedelic consciousness.


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Alchemical Tours #1 – Diego Perez Lombardini

The interview  is with Diego Perez Lombardini. Diego is the only ‘mestizo’ or non Wixarika person to hold a position in the religious organization of San Andres Cohamiata, Tatei Kie. Currently he is the Kanareru of Tanana Xaturi and pilgrim with one of La Laguna’s ceremonial centers.

Diego Perez Lombardini is  a very talented musician and has composed evocative music from his time with the Wixarika tribe. A short extract of this music is included as part of the podcast as part of the interview, with Diego Perez Lombardini’s permission. We would ask people to download and financially support Diego and the musicians by going to :


Note: This is an early, unlisted version of the interview for reviewers and comments . We are still working on the editing and audio quality and copyright permission. A full release is envisaged as part of the launch of the new Alchemical Tours podcast.


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Launching Open Space Technology facilitation

Subject: Launch of Open Space Workshop Facilitation Service

I am writing to update you on my Open Space Technology Facilitation Service that other organizations use very successfully in running meetings. I am relaunching, following a break in which I completed my psychology PhD and am now able to engage with a few exclusive clients over the coming months.

As you may know Open Space Technology workshops have their origins in the 1980’s, pioneered by Harrison Owen, who discovered that a less structured, free flowing approach to group meetings, greatly exceeded the traditional, top-down agenda, formal corporate meeting. The Open Space format was in such demand that the tools to run these meetings were packaged as Open Source Technology.

These workshops are useful in a wide range of contexts. For example, they can be used for early exploration of a new theme or topic by a multi-disciplined group for early design, innovation, or generating grant proposals. The group size can typically vary between 20 and 10 people, and the minimum workshop length is typically a day but can exceed this. Costs include room booking, some administration, facilitator fees, some materials and importantly the cost of participants travelling and attending the workshop.

The success of Open Space meetings relies on good planning and an experienced and independent facilitator can be useful to guide the group through the planning and the workshop. I have over 25 years of workshop facilitation within the Silicon Valley, computer businesses, I also have run a successful consultancy of workshop facilitation over the past ten years, with many satisfied, repeat customer.

If you think that running such a workshop could be useful for your organization, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would recommend starting with a no obligation, free conversation in which we start to explore if there is a good match between your requirements and what Open Space Technology can offer.

Kind regards,

Steve Hinde

Dr Stephen J. Hinde


Open Space Technology

What is Open Space?

Open Space Technology (OST) is a workshop format that allows a group of people to work together on a common problem. Identify the key issues and characterize them in bounded time. The time frame of a workshop is typically but can be extended for complex issues. The group size is typically from 20 to 100 people, but can be expanded beyond this, with suitable planning. To run OST there must first be  a well defined problem statement. Then OST will allow a group of people to have all the conversations they need to have, to document all those conversations, to collaborate with all the right people, and to reach a shared consensus on the best way forward.

OST is an Open Source technology, originally invented by Harrison Owen in 1985. It  has since been successfully used throughout the world for over thirty years for workshops on subjects as diverse as international conflict, to technology problems, to discussions on new organizational solutions.

OST is  typically the  right solution when:

•           The topic or question is well defined in a single statement.

•           But no one knows the answer!

•           The problem is too complex for a small number of people to solve .

•           Involving people  in finding the solution is the right answer..

•           A group of people who do not normally meet  need to be brought together to solve the problem

•           Time pressure would necessitate moving away from the usual ways of working.

•           People are passionate about the outcome.

•           There is a sense of ownership for the problem and for the potential solution.

•           20-100 people, or more, are involved.

OST is NOT good when:

•           Someone knows the answer and is waiting for people to agree!

•           The problem can not be defined

•           There is no real will or passion to solve the problem.

•           OST is not ideal for less than 30 people in our experience.

•           There is no owner for the problem or for the solution.

Dr Stephen Hinde, has a PhD in psychology from the University of Bristol, UK. He has over 25 years experience as a manager and researcher in silicon valley computer companies. He is also is an experienced facilitator of workshops.

Previous clients include: Aardman Animation, Arts Council, Channel 4, Cornwall Film, Hewlett-Packard, Old Vic Theatre RBS, REACT, SATRE, South-West Film, Theatre Bristol, University of Bath, University of Bristol, Watershed.

In order to run a great OST workshop there is always a requirement for good preparation, a great event in the middle, and good follow-up in order to maximize the impact and relevance  of the workshop to your organization. We will tailor it to your needs and guide you through the whole life-cycle of the workshop.

Please contact us to discuss OST and a no obligation consultation to find out if OST is the right solution for your situation.

Contact (text/whatsapp/voice): +44 7803 18 37 47

E-Mail: Dr Stephen Hinde


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